Tear Down Properties Located On Lake Geneva and Overlooking the Lake

North Shore Lake Front Home in Knollwood North Shore Lakefront Home on Snake RoadNorth Shore Drive in Geneva Bay Estates Tear Down Summer of 2017
Shabbona Drive in Fontana Overlooking Geneva Lake Tear Down Summer of 2017
Vista Grande Tear Down Overlooking Lake Geneva Winter of 2017
North Shore Drive Fontana
Harvard Ave in Glenwood Springs Fontana

North Shore Drive Town of Walworth Between Fontana and Williams Bay
It’s becoming a very common sight around Lake Geneva to find existing homes being knocked down and used as building sites for new construction. It seems that lots of folks like where they live, they just feel they have outgrown their existing home and rather than sell and buy a new home, they are finding a builder and building a new home. We are fortunate to have a number of exceptional architects and builders in the area who can help these owners make their dreams come true. I can help ¬†with this process and point you in the right direction, if you’d like some assistance.