Lake Geneva Lakefront Real Estate Closings Year to Date in 2017

Lake Geneva Lakefront Real Estate Closings in 2017Here’s a quick update on the number of Lake Geneva lakefronts that have closed Year To Date on Lake Geneva provided to you by Bob Webster of Keefe Real Estate in Lake Geneva. There’s been 9 lakefront closings so far this year on Geneva Lake with just a few days left in the month of April. Assuming no further closings this month that figure of 9 equates into an average of of just over 2 per month. However this is a very good example of how looking at just the averages as it relates to real estate, can produce results that are often inaccurate or at the very least misleading. If you check the graph above, the average of 2.25 closings per month doesn’t give an accurate indication of the amount of activity for any month so far this year. So what’ the logical conclusion and takeaway? Well, one might be a saying I heard years ago that “the first chapter in the Book of Lies is on averaging”. Better yet, probably very safe and smart to conclude that it’s always best to search out a seasoned professional expert who specializes in this very specific part of the Lake Geneva real estate market to be able to determine an accurate reading of not only the current market conditions,  but also the trends going forward into the future as well. Presently no other agent in the area can match Bob Webster’s track record over the last decade of consistently marketing and selling more Lake Geneva lakefront property. I always welcome the opportunity to put my 39 years of experience selling some of the finest property in the Lake Geneva area to work for my clients. Tell me how I can help you today?