What is the Best Part of a Real Estate Closing?

A recent real estate of Bob Webster of Keefe Real Estate

We had a real estate closing today on a modest home that was an investment property for my seller client, located in Country Club Estates in Fontana, a subdivision with lake access to Lake Geneva. I imagine if you asked most people what they think the answer would be to the question asked of a Real Estate agent “what is the best part of a real estate closing”, most answers would center around the fact that it usually means it’s payday for the agent. Honestly for me, the best part of this transaction was after we had gotten to the point of having an accepted offer and were dealing with issues raised by the buyer from the Home Inspection and were getting some tradespeople in for estimates of some work to be done. I was speaking with my client the seller at home one evening when in the middle of the conversation he said to me, “Bob, I’ve bought and sold a fair amount of real estate over the years and I have to tell you, I’ve never dealt with anyone as professional and diligent as you and your team are”. My client, who also happened to be a friend as well as my dentist for as long as I can remember, didn’t realize it at the time, but when he said that, it truly was the best part of the transaction for me and is primarily what I strive for in every transaction I’m involved in after being in this business for 39 years. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy getting paid and I take pleasure in being known as the leading agent in sales production in the Lake Geneva real estate market and specifically the Top Producing Agent in the Lake Geneva lakefront market over the last 10 years. But having the opportunity to return the favor of working with a guy I consider to be a true professional and to be able help him navigate through what turned out to be a fairly complicated transaction to a successful conclusion is what me and my team strive for everyday in our real estate practice.

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