Northwind Perennial Farm…

Despite the recent snowfall, Northwind Perennial Farm will be opening their Garden Shop and Retail Nursery this Saturday, April 21th with lots of great items and ideas.

Located on Hospital Road at the site of what was once a 19th Century dairy farm, this 10 acre property has been beautifully transformed into gardens while still maintaining the feel and look of the old farmstead. Whether you are an avid gardener or you’re just looking for something new to spruce up your yard, you are guaranteed to leave feeling inspired. The owners offer an impressive 80+ years of horticulture experience, which they gladly share with fellow enthusiasts.

Northwind’s nursery has a large selection of field-grown perennials, ornamental grasses, shrub roses and more. Even if plants aren’t really your thing, you can’t help but be awed while walking through nature at its finest. They offer an outstanding selection of birdbaths, fountains, planters, benches and more. Stop out and walk the garden paths. You won’t be disappointed.

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